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Title: Wake up dreaming
Disclaimer: I don't own T.J., Amal, Amal's apartment, or anything else in the <Epic universe. They belong to gallo_de_pelea, whom I worship for her characterization. :D
Warnings: Not really, just, adult concepts are present, but there ain't nothing explicit or nothing. 

Notes: I have speculated about T.J.'s past in the past. I mean, in my past I've thought about T.J.'s past. Like...yeah. I'm interested in that little cluster of circular scars on his shoulder, the ones that look like cigarrette burns. I want to know what happened to him when his dad died. I wish I could understand why he wears a yellow pineapple shirt. 
This is my curiousity's fault, and GDP I hope you can forgive me.



askdjhflakjhd....*cue violins*

Remaining even partially amicable while dealing with his passive-agressive crap all day is making my skull cave in with effort...he gives you this stupid look when you don't agree with him, like a patronizing, condescending half smile that says rather clearly what he thinks of your intelligence, but he wouldn't SAY that, he just expects you to read his mind...dumb hippy bastard...


Watched Ouran High School Host Club, Full Metal Panic Fumoffu and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya over this past week.  I love strong female characters in anime so much. Does anyone else get tired of the animes with only certain kinds of girls: the blushing pretty motherly types, or the slutty wet-dream submissive types?

Now, I like Tohru Honda, bless her, but she's an example of this. And Mikuru from MHS. And Aya Natsume/ Maya Natsume from Tenjou Tenge. And so on and so forth. 

This uninspired female characterization annoys the shit out of me. 


...*barely concealed raging fury*

So, it turned out I didn't have to get up early today, but I did anyway and I'll tell you why.

I live up on a hill. In some ways, this is great, because I can see the river from my window, and spot eagles, and perve on my neighbours, and survey the surrouding area like a queen. Like I said, great.
However,it means that when I cycle home from work, I have to scale a nice steep incline.  Good work for my thighs, but tiring.  And, for some strange reason, being on a hill means no mobile signal.

My boss using texting as his form of human contact. He knows I have no signal where I live, yet when he decides to take a day off, he will text me with that information.

Yeah. He apparently had something to do today, and it wasn't until I'd gotten down the hill and half way across the road that my signal kicked in. Bastard.

So I trudged back home, got straight back into my PJ's and promptly went through a pack of marshmallows. Which then made me feel bad because I'm supposed to be cutting down on my sugar intake. Grarararararaarrrr.....

Today hated me.

work tomorrow lalala

So, my younger sister Lani is a musician, sings and plays guitar, and she entered a competition. She didn't win. The 'prestigous award' went to corporate sell out whore with blonde attitude and a pulsing bitch aura. D:<

Of course, she felt bummed out, so we worked our way through two bottles of champagne and a couple of rum/cokes. Then some clever person, not pointing fingers *points finger directly at sibling* decided we should walk into town. We were stumbling around like a pair of...well, drunks. Which is what we were.

But it was really nice, because we actually talked, as in real in depth conversation about ourselves and life for the first time in what feels like months. Lani moved out recently, you see, and since then she hasn't really bothered to connect with me like we used to. We staggered home about quarter past six, still giggling and now absolutely knackered.

Later that morning, about three hours later in fact, I woke at the impossibly early hour of quarter past nine, tried to wake Lani (at great personal risk, I might add), failed, tried again, failed, tried yet again and finally succeeded. She was completely hungover, but somehow we managed to get our half sober butts onto a bus into town, were we then proceeded to scoff sushi and M&M's as we watched Kung Fu Panda and Hancock, in sucsession. <<I think I spelt that wrong...

Both good movies, by the way. Tai Lung rocks my little world, and so does Will Smith's smouldering hot...screen presence.

I CAN'T SLEEP IN TOMORROW.......*waaaaahhhhcrycrycry*

Also, I'm being bombarded with 'your mom' jokes. Their horrible, yet amusing.

brisbane is...

A hole? A city? Filled with Asians?

Whatever, I'm going to Brisbane this weekend so HO-RAY.  I plan to blow all my money on Krispy Kremes and graphic novels. I also hope to obtain liqour of some sort and get drunk in the art gallery. For the experience, I guess.

Having said that, I'm not entirely looking forward to it, and I'll give you the reasons why. 

1# I will be going up there all on my lonesome, and travelling just isn't as fun when you're on your own. And of course my dear devoted (read as: bastard backstabbing) sister decided that 'O no Kess, I'm singing at some high and fancy club that I just can't get out of I'm so sorry but aren't I wonderful with my perfect voice and musical abilities hahaha!'...okay so she didn't actually say that, but I'm in a pissy mood and you get the idea anyway.

That brings me to the other reason.

2# For the past few days I've been as moody as a pregnant menopausal male on speed. With crabs...and mayonnaise...

Obviously that is not physically possible, but again you get the idea.

So I suppose I will post again next week, telling of my adventures in the 'Big Smoke' *coffcoff*stoopidculchees*coff*, and that will be that. 
Then I will sleep.

P.S. Don't ask about the mayonnaise. *shudders*

I feel like all my writing initiative has been stolen. 

By a BEAR. 


...(*shrugs* I don't know either)

I think it might be because of the crushing boredom and mundanity that is life at the moment.  Like a movie I've seen so many times that I know all the words, and even the jokes that were originally funny have lost even their vague novelty charm. God, I sound so jaded.

Anyway, despite all that, I am trying to write/finish a short story of sorts, based on a weird song I have stuck in my head that in turn is based on Alice in Wonderland. It's called White Rabbit, though I can't remember the singer. INSERT RESOUNDING MEH HERE. I will post the song with the story, when I finish the fucking thing. *stabs*

ALSO. Who has read Twilight by Stephanie Meyer? And it's successors, New Dawn and Eclipse? Because I haven't and I plan to buy them anyway. My bookshelf needs new additions desperately, and I'm searching for those of worth and honour. 

Reccomendations mebbe???

Edit: OHO, I remember now. The singer is Grace Slick. *heehee*

Writer's Block: Comebacks

"That line is just like you, been used by everyone and their mama."
Oooohhh, burnnnnnn.....
Go Thunderdykes. If anyone knows what that's from, please keep it to yourself. I have a reputation to up hold, ya know.
Know any great comebacks?


Don't tell anybody I'm posting, because I'm at work and consequently supposed to be working. But there you go.

Basically all I wanted to do was exercise my typing skills, seeing as my laptop has been butchered by devil spawn (aka. younger siblings). They have dug their tiny little fingers underneath my keyboard buttons and pulled almost every single one off. Thankfully, I was able to restore most of them....but it still means that typing now sucks balls.

Moving on. Fanfic up soon, for lovely gallo-de-pelea. Yays.

A haiku:
Devil spawn run wild!
Smearing strange things onto walls,
And chewing carpets.
Gluh, my sister got sooooooo drunk today, and she's underage, and she got caught by our mother. Oooh, that was fun. 
I'm sitting in the bathroom with her, holding her hair outta the way while she pukes up her stomach lining, and all I can think about is how damn funny My Neighbour Totoro is.

I saw it yesterday with my three younger siblings, and my god it's cute. I couldn't stop laughing when Totoro came out in the rain and had that leaf on his head, and when Mei was touching his tail, omigod. It was funny too, because it was in Japanese with subtitles, so I had to read the subtitles for the kids so they could understand. By the end of it they'd figured out a bunch of words and were quoting stuff, especially that bit when Mei yelled out  "BAKA ONEE-CHAN!". They thought that was hilarious. little bastards.
Yeah, that figures. 

So, I was offered a job, and it's $17.50 an hour...which isn't very great, but it's a whole nine bucks greater than what I'm earning right now which is SHIT ALL.
Except I may or may not be required to work six days a week, and I don't really want to do that. And it's with landscaping, so they might make me dig fucking holes all day which I certainly will not do. Small piece of information to anyone who wants to know: I'M RATHER SMALL, PALE AND WEAK, AKA OUTSIDE STUFF HURTS ME.

I'm just sitting here alone, reveling in the wonderful quiet that is a mercifully empty house (except for my two cats, whom I've had to shoo repeatedly off my face, the bastards) , slowly eating ramen and drinking a couple of Blueberry Crusiers which are pretty addictive. I think I will conveniently fall sick tomorrow and not go to work.