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I feel like all my writing initiative has been stolen. 

By a BEAR. 


...(*shrugs* I don't know either)

I think it might be because of the crushing boredom and mundanity that is life at the moment.  Like a movie I've seen so many times that I know all the words, and even the jokes that were originally funny have lost even their vague novelty charm. God, I sound so jaded.

Anyway, despite all that, I am trying to write/finish a short story of sorts, based on a weird song I have stuck in my head that in turn is based on Alice in Wonderland. It's called White Rabbit, though I can't remember the singer. INSERT RESOUNDING MEH HERE. I will post the song with the story, when I finish the fucking thing. *stabs*

ALSO. Who has read Twilight by Stephanie Meyer? And it's successors, New Dawn and Eclipse? Because I haven't and I plan to buy them anyway. My bookshelf needs new additions desperately, and I'm searching for those of worth and honour. 

Reccomendations mebbe???

Edit: OHO, I remember now. The singer is Grace Slick. *heehee*