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work tomorrow lalala

So, my younger sister Lani is a musician, sings and plays guitar, and she entered a competition. She didn't win. The 'prestigous award' went to corporate sell out whore with blonde attitude and a pulsing bitch aura. D:<

Of course, she felt bummed out, so we worked our way through two bottles of champagne and a couple of rum/cokes. Then some clever person, not pointing fingers *points finger directly at sibling* decided we should walk into town. We were stumbling around like a pair of...well, drunks. Which is what we were.

But it was really nice, because we actually talked, as in real in depth conversation about ourselves and life for the first time in what feels like months. Lani moved out recently, you see, and since then she hasn't really bothered to connect with me like we used to. We staggered home about quarter past six, still giggling and now absolutely knackered.

Later that morning, about three hours later in fact, I woke at the impossibly early hour of quarter past nine, tried to wake Lani (at great personal risk, I might add), failed, tried again, failed, tried yet again and finally succeeded. She was completely hungover, but somehow we managed to get our half sober butts onto a bus into town, were we then proceeded to scoff sushi and M&M's as we watched Kung Fu Panda and Hancock, in sucsession. <<I think I spelt that wrong...

Both good movies, by the way. Tai Lung rocks my little world, and so does Will Smith's smouldering hot...screen presence.

I CAN'T SLEEP IN TOMORROW.......*waaaaahhhhcrycrycry*

Also, I'm being bombarded with 'your mom' jokes. Their horrible, yet amusing.