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Gluh, my sister got sooooooo drunk today, and she's underage, and she got caught by our mother. Oooh, that was fun. 
I'm sitting in the bathroom with her, holding her hair outta the way while she pukes up her stomach lining, and all I can think about is how damn funny My Neighbour Totoro is.

I saw it yesterday with my three younger siblings, and my god it's cute. I couldn't stop laughing when Totoro came out in the rain and had that leaf on his head, and when Mei was touching his tail, omigod. It was funny too, because it was in Japanese with subtitles, so I had to read the subtitles for the kids so they could understand. By the end of it they'd figured out a bunch of words and were quoting stuff, especially that bit when Mei yelled out  "BAKA ONEE-CHAN!". They thought that was hilarious. little bastards.
Yeah, that figures.