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brisbane is...

A hole? A city? Filled with Asians?

Whatever, I'm going to Brisbane this weekend so HO-RAY.  I plan to blow all my money on Krispy Kremes and graphic novels. I also hope to obtain liqour of some sort and get drunk in the art gallery. For the experience, I guess.

Having said that, I'm not entirely looking forward to it, and I'll give you the reasons why. 

1# I will be going up there all on my lonesome, and travelling just isn't as fun when you're on your own. And of course my dear devoted (read as: bastard backstabbing) sister decided that 'O no Kess, I'm singing at some high and fancy club that I just can't get out of I'm so sorry but aren't I wonderful with my perfect voice and musical abilities hahaha!'...okay so she didn't actually say that, but I'm in a pissy mood and you get the idea anyway.

That brings me to the other reason.

2# For the past few days I've been as moody as a pregnant menopausal male on speed. With crabs...and mayonnaise...

Obviously that is not physically possible, but again you get the idea.

So I suppose I will post again next week, telling of my adventures in the 'Big Smoke' *coffcoff*stoopidculchees*coff*, and that will be that. 
Then I will sleep.

P.S. Don't ask about the mayonnaise. *shudders*


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