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...*barely concealed raging fury*

So, it turned out I didn't have to get up early today, but I did anyway and I'll tell you why.

I live up on a hill. In some ways, this is great, because I can see the river from my window, and spot eagles, and perve on my neighbours, and survey the surrouding area like a queen. Like I said, great.
However,it means that when I cycle home from work, I have to scale a nice steep incline.  Good work for my thighs, but tiring.  And, for some strange reason, being on a hill means no mobile signal.

My boss using texting as his form of human contact. He knows I have no signal where I live, yet when he decides to take a day off, he will text me with that information.

Yeah. He apparently had something to do today, and it wasn't until I'd gotten down the hill and half way across the road that my signal kicked in. Bastard.

So I trudged back home, got straight back into my PJ's and promptly went through a pack of marshmallows. Which then made me feel bad because I'm supposed to be cutting down on my sugar intake. Grarararararaarrrr.....

Today hated me.