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fangirlishness is good for your soul.

...I finished the fourth book of Let Dai.


*melts into a puddle of happy giggling goo*

I ordered the first four books from Amazon about two and a half weeks ago, finished them off this morning before work, and thinking about some of the wonderfully sweet things Dai said to Jaehee has just made this whole frustrating day sooooooo much easier to deal with.

If you don't know what I'm harping on about, I shall dutifully explain. Let Dai is a manghwa series by Sooyeon Woo. It focuses around Jaehee Yoo, a school boy who gets accidentally caught up with a gang called the Furies, and the leader of that gang, Dai Lee, whose love is as violent as his scorn.

Now that's out of the way...
What I love about this series is the unpredictability of it. Though there are some cliche's, they are good cliche's, and it doesn't disfigure the story into a boring mass off cabbage and bellybutton fluff that gets stuck between your ears and causes brain hammeoraging. Which quite frankly has happened to me enough times to say on good authourity is DAMN ANNOYING. 
This series is not pointless pink fairyfloss (it is extremely relevant and vital pink fairyfloss). 
This is a story about two independant boys who inexplicably fall hard in love; this is not a yaoi manga about a cheerfully innocent uke who really looks like a girl and an angsty sexy beast who is trying to fill up the void in his heart from whatever travesty he's gone through (bad childhood, past lovers dying and or leaving him etc) and all they want to do is have hot sweaty passionate buttsex 'omg wut is this feeling *shojo bubbles take over the page*' .

...Well, Dai and Jaehee DO want to have hot sweaty passionate buttsex I'm sure, but what I'm trying to say is: these books were multi-layered, with character development and decent supporting characters and geniune humour. I laughed, raged and ached along with the story, and also fangirled pretty badly.

Furthermore, I got Dramacon Book 3 from Amazon as well, which was ortasmic (IT'S A WORD DAMN YOU), but I'll tell you about that later. 

Authors Note: Just realised that there middle paragraph contains several extremely long rambling sentences, but Hell if I'm gonna change it now.

May. 13th, 2008

So I feel nostalgic today. I feel like going through all my old photos and brining out all our ancient christmas decorations and sneezing alot from all the dust.
Or maybe I'm confusing real human emotion for tiredness...so easy to get those to mixed up.

DOES NO ONE GET THEIR MOTHERS PRESENTS ON MOTHERS DAY ANYMORE WTF. I got my mom a head massagy/treatment thingy, where they blow dry her hair to perfection afterwards. But every one else I asked just gave their mom a hug or something.
Look, I know you think your mom loves you no matter what, and that it's the thought that counts and so on and so forth, but seriously that is all just BALLS.

Go get your mother a present you cheap skanky hoes in sequin panties.

Does he ever take a breath?

 I give you Ben 'Yahtzee' Croshaw in all his glory. 


Everyone wants to have this guys babies, which I can certainly understand. However, all he does is throw particularly scathing insults in their faces and threaten to anally rape them with foreign objects...this brings me to the dubious conclusion that either 1) all who watch Yahtzee are suckers for punishment, or 2) all who watch Yahtzee are secretly hoping he will carry through with his threats.

Well, he does have an awesome hat.


Well. Here you go. 

I don't even have a name for this, mostly because it was pretty random, but there is more to the story...I just may never bother touching it again. Except to possibly poke at occasionally with a stick from several metres away. 
Having said that, if this has piqued your interest and you wanna read more, I might be convinced to help you out.