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were all gonna die...but i gots my helmet on.

29 October 1988
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artemis fowl, asking questions, avatar: the last airbender, awesomesauce, badboys, batteries not included, beaches-running, being alone, being an idiot, being curious, being funny, being horny, being sarcastic, being with others, beyond borders, bizenghast, bleach, boy spotting, brathalla, breathing, britneycozshesloco, buying clothes, cocopops, confusing people, cowboy bebop, crosstitch, crowfeathers, dancing, dead like me, dead winter, death note, demonology 101, doctor who, dramacon 1 2 3, drawing, eating fastfood, eating sweets, edepth angel, edge the devilhunter, ever after, faerie wars, fangirlishness, finding webcomics, flirting, fullmetal alchemist, fungus grotto, furuba, geeks, girl genius, goblins, having long conversations, hero a story, heroes, holidays, honeydew syndrome, insulting people, intelligence, irish myths and legends, jericho, keystothekingdomseries, khaos comics, lackadaisy, laughing at myself, laughing at others, laughing generally, learning lyrics, least i could do, let dai, libraries, life, looking for group, marry me, matrix, metal, metanoia, midnighters, minkland, mortal engines, net surfing, norestforthewicked, obernewtyn chronicles, one piece, oridnary decent criminal, paradise kiss, penny and aggie, playing, prettyboys, prisoner of azkaban, pure dead magic, rap, reading, reading a lot, return to sender, rock n roll, samurai champloo, sapayne, schism, scott westerfeld, sevenwaters trilogy, shinobi, shortpacked!, silence, sleeping in, soccerisfullofcheese, strays, subwoofer loud bass, talismen, tall poppies, the awakened, the fifth element, the phoenix requiem, the plain janes, the-less-than-epic-adventures-of-tj-and-amal, tickling small children, tithe, trudi canavan, vampirates!, watching anime, watching sunrises, writing, youtube